I'm an artist, designer, dreamer, and doer. I'm a Partner at Go Media, founder of Weapons of Mass Creation Fest, and author of Thread's Not Dead. I'm a happy husband, drummer, aspiring b-boy, and a film lover.

New blog post: Fear and Resistance: Gym Edition http://bit.ly/1sDYQFF

New blog post: Saying No and Setting Boundaries Without Being Mean http://bit.ly/YLcJL5


I’ve Been Waking Up Early for One Year. Here’s How My Life Has Changed. http://bit.ly/1rU2lIT

I’ve Been Waking Up Early for One Year. Here’s How My Life Has Changed.

The habit of getting up early has been the most life changing thing I have ever done. A little over a year ago, I wrote this post about how to build a killer morning routine. Today, I’m …

New post: 41 Signs You Are Sleepwalking Through Life http://bit.ly/1mJ0zqS

41 Signs You Are Sleepwalking Through Life

Sleepwalking through life means you are going about your day unconsciously. Meaning you’re in zombie mode and you mistake it for how life is supposed to be. You’re not aware of who you are or how …

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This post has the chance to offend people or inspire people. I’m taking the risk because this is something I believe in. The work of David Deida strikes a chord with me because I always knew that the modern-day view of love, relationships, and sexuality was distorted and too influenced by TV, movies, and porn. This is a more enlightened take on it. http://bit.ly/1slg8fp

The Way of the Superior Man - Beyond Porn-Influenced Sex

I’ve been obsessed with the teachings of David Deida lately. He’s the author of The Way of the Superior Man. I’ve heard a lot about the divine masculine and the suppression of which that men …

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The Night Owl’s Secret to Building a Killer Morning Routine http://bit.ly/1kmo1yx

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Super pumped about our CD Release Show on June 7 at Beachland Tavern. With Cautioner (CLE) and Hold your Own (NJ)

RSVP here https://www.facebook.com/events/1484957391733975 

My wife bought us tickets to see Menzingers on 6/4 at Grog Shop in Cleveland. Stoked!


Designers, you might appreciate this. My business partner Bill secretly had a puppet made of himself and his friend Heather and they made this video. Fucking genius! I couldn’t stop laughing!!

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